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Sprint 350 SX Muffler Header. Some rattling when shaken. Dent on top of header.


SPECIAL SHIPPING NOTE: You will be billed a nominal shipping charge for this item because my web site only handles USPS shipping.  USPS charges have gone through the roof for large packages so the item will be shipped UPS.  To get an idea of what your shipping will be, go to the UPS web site (, go to your region, and then go to quote.  The item is 36x40x12 and weighs 9 pounds. Input 16001 as zip code shipping from and your zip code as the destination.  This should be a maximum shipping charge as I do get a discount by printing a shipping label online.  I will bill you any additional shipping charges before shipping  or refund any excess. Contact me if you have questions.

Sprint 350 SX Muffler Header

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