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Sprint 250 350 Seat.  READ VERY VERY CAREFULLY. I have 3 seats that I am not going to use. The pans are all good. Covers and foam are junk. Seat #1 has good trim all the way around.  It is $60.  Seat #2 has good side trim. The rear trim is probably useable but bent. It is $50.  Seat #3 has no trim. It is $40. You CANNOT BUY THEM BY PRESSING THE BUY BUTTON. All that will do is get you is a small charge on your credit card which I will have to refund. You must use the contact form on the web site to contact me and tell me what you want.  To get an idea of what shipping is going to cost go to the web site and go to the "Quote" section.  Seat will ship from 16001 is 12 pounds and package measures 28x14x10. I can then send you an invoice once we come to an agreement.

Sprint 250 350 Seat

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