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Parts you won't find anywhere else!


Eclectic Vintage Cycle Parts specializes in used motorcycle parts for Harley Davidson Italian lightweights from 1961 to 1978. These motorcycles were built for Harley Davidson by Aermacchi and include the Sprint, Rapido, Z90, M50, Leggero, and SX250.


I have been selling through e-commerce since 2004 with over 10,000 parts sold to date and had a 99.9 % Top Rated Plus positive rating on eBay. 


Having the advantage of actually owning and maintaining 13 of these Aermacchi motorcycles, I am well equipped to provide you with a quality used part and technical information. 


I am adding new products weekly, but if you do not see something you need, use the contact form. Chances are that I might have the part you need but have not listed it yet. The "search" function in the "Shop" section is marginal at best and what you are looking for may not show.  Again, contact me on the contact form. 

All parts are used although there are many New Old Stock parts and they are clearly marked as NOS.


Buy with confidence.

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